Languages in Africa

CountryLanguageSpeakers (approx.)Remark
AlgeriaArabic20,000,000Official language
 Kabyle2,000,000In the mountains east of Algiers
 Tamashek10,000In the extreme south
AngolaPortuguese Official language
 Umbundu2,000,000Central Angola
 Kimbundu1,500,000North Angola
 Kongo500,000North Angola
 Chokwe500,000Northeastern Angola
 Lwena250,000Eastern Angola
 Lunda50,000Northeastern Angola
BotswanaEnglish Official language
 Tswana 1,000,000
 Bushman 25,000
BurundiRundi4,000,000Official language
 French Co-official with Rundi
CameroonFrench Official language
 English Official language
 Fang1,500,000Southern Cameroon
 Bulu1,500,000Southern Cameroon
 Yanundé Around the city of Yanundé
 Duala Around the city of Duala
 Mbum Central regions
 Fulani Northern Cameroon
Cape VerdePortuguese Official language
Central African RepublicFrench Official language
 Gbaya Western C.A.R.
 Banda Central and eastern C.A.R.
ChadFrench Official language
 Sara750,000Southern Chad
 Arabic500,000Northern Chad
 Teda100,000Northern Chad
 Mbum100,000Southern Chad
Congo-BrazzavilleFrench Official language
 Lingala500,000Northern Congo
 Kongo500,000Northern Congo
Congo-KinshasaFrench Official language
 Swahili3,000,000Northeast, east and south
 Mongo2,000,000Central Congo
 Lingala1,500,000North and northwest
 Zande500,000Near the border with the Sudan
DahomeyFrench Official language
 Fon1,000,000Southern Dahomey
 Bariba500,000Northern Dahomey
 Yoruba500,000Along the eastern border
DjiboutiFrench Official language
 Arabic Official language
EgyptArabic50,000,000Official language
Equatorial GuineaSpanish Official language
 Fang220,000Río Muni
 Bubi20,000Fernando Po
EthiopiaAmharic10,000,000Official language
 Galla8,000,000West, south and east of Addis Ababa
 Tigrinya Tigre
 Gurage350,000Southwest of Addis Abeba
GabonFrench Official language
 Fang300,000Northern Gabon
GambiaEnglish Official language
GhanaEnglish Official language
 Twi West of the Volta
 Fanti West of the Volta
 Ewe1,500,000Volta region
 Ga1,000,000Accra plains
 Adangme1,000,000Accra plains
 Gurma250,000Northern Ghana
 Dagomba250,000Northern Ghana
GuineaFrench Official language
 Fulani1,250,000Central Guinea
 Malinke1,000,000Northern Ghana
 Susu250,000Southwestern Ghana
 Kissi Near the border with Liberia and Sierra Leone
 Gola Near the border with Liberia and Sierra Leone
 Loma Near the border with Liberia and Sierra Leone
Guinea-BissauPortuguese Official language
Ivory CoastFrench Official language
 Dyula Northern Ivory Coast
 Senufo Northern Ivory Coast
 Anyi Southeastern Ivory Coast
 Baule Southeastern Ivory Coast
 Malinkwe Northwestern Ivory Coast
KenyaSwahili Official language
 Kikuyu3,500,000North of Nairobi
 Luo2,500,000Lake Victoria
 Kamba2,000,000Southeastern Kenya
 Somali300,000East and northeast
 Masai150,000Along the Border with Tanzania
 Turkana150,000Northwestern corner
 Nandi150,000West-central Kenya
 Galla100,000East and northeast
 Suk75,000Along the border with Uganda
LesothoEnglish Official language
LiberiaEnglish Official language
 Vai Along the coast
 Bassa On the coast
 Kru Southern Liberia
 Grebo Southeastern corner
 Kissi Near the border with Guinea and Sierra Leone
 Gola Near the border with Guinea and Sierra Leone
 Loma Near the border with Guinea and Sierra Leone
LibyaArabic3,500,000Official language
 Tamashek Western Lybia
MadagascarFrench Official language
 Malagasy10,000,000Official language
MalawiEnglish Official language
 Nyanja2,500,00Official language
 Yao500,000Southern shore of Lake Nyasa
 Tumbuka200,000Northern Malawi
MaliFrench Official language
 Bambara2,000,000Southeastern Mali
 Fulani750,000Western Mali
 Soninke500,000Western Mali
 Malinke250,000Western Mali
 Songhai250,000Near Timbuktu
 Tamashek200,000Eastern Mali
 Dyula Near the border with Ivory Coast
 Senufo Near the border with Ivory Coast
MauritaniaFrench Official language
 Fulani150,000Southern Mauritania
MoçambiquePortuguese Official language
 Makua3,000,000Northern Moçambique
 Thonga1,500,00Southern Moçambique
 Yao Extreme north
 Makonde Extreme north
 Zulu Extreme south
 Shluh2,000,000Southern Morocco
 Tamazight2,000,000Central Morocco
 Riffian500,000Northern Morocco
NamibiaEnglish Official language
 Ambo450,000Northern Namibia
 Herero50,000East and central regions
 Hottentot50,000Northern Namibia
 Bushman15,000Northern Namibia
NigerFrench Official language
 Hausa3,000,000Central and southeastern regions
 Fulani500,000North and central regions
 Tamashek300,000North and central regions
NigeriaEnglish Official language
 Hausa15,000,000Northern Nigeria
 Fulani6,000,000Northern Nigeria
 Kanuri3,000,000Bornu region
 Efik In and around Calabar
 Ibibio West of Calabar
 Tiv2,000,000Benue-Plateau state
 Ijo2,000,000Niger River delta
 Edo1,000,000Mid-Western state
 Urhobo500,000Mid-Western state
 Nupe500,000Niger-Kaduna junction
 Tiv250,000Benue-Plateau state
RwandaFrench Official language
 Ruanda5,000,000Official language
SenegalFrench Official language
 Wolof2,500,000Western Senegal
Sierra LeoneEnglish Official language
 Temne750,000Central and northwestern districts
 Kissi250,000Near the border with Liberia and Guinea
 Gola250,000Near the border with Liberia and Guinea
South AfricaAfrikaans4,000,000 
 Tswana2,000,000Near the Botswanan border
 Sotho1,500,000Near the Lesotho border
 Swazi500,000Near Swaziland
 Venda350,000Northern Transvaal
the SudanArabic10,000,000Official language
 Nubian675,000Kordofan, Northern Province
 Zande250,000Near the Congo border
 Bari250,000Near the Ugandan border
 Shilluk100,000Upper Nile Province
 Lotuko100,000Near the Ugandan border
SwazilandEnglish Official language
TanzaniaSwahili Official language
 Chagga250,000On the slopes of Kilimanjaro
 Hehe200,000Iringa district
 Makonde200,000Near the Moçambique border
 Yao200,000Near the Moçambique border
 Masai75,000Near the Kenyan border
 Sandawe25,000Near Kondoa
TogoFrench Official language
 Kabre North
 Gurma North
TunisiaArabic7,000,000Official language
UgandaEnglish Official language
 Ganda3,000,000Kampala area
 Lango500,000North-central Uganda
 Acholi350,000North-central Uganda
 Chiga350,000Extreme south
 Nyoro250,000East of Lake Albert
Upper VoltaFrench Official language
 Gurma Eastern Upper Volta
 Fulani Northern Upper Volta
 Tuareg Northern Upper Volta
 Dyula Western Upper Volta
ZambiaEnglish Official language
 Nyanja750,000East and central regions
ZimbabweEnglish Official language