A multi-lingual dictionary programme

What is Ergane?

It is a programme that can translate words from one language to another. To avoid the necessity of a bilingual wordlist for every possible language combination, Ergane uses the artificial language Esperanto as an auxiliary language.

This programme was written by Gerard van Wilgen.

Besides translating words Ergane can do the following things:
The above-mentioned functions belong to the dictionary module of Ergane. However, there are a few more modules:

For how many languages are there vocabulary files?

The vocabulary files for Ergane are constantly updated and from time to time new ones are created. Currently the programme can translate words from 56 languages (more or less, some vocabularies are still quite small).

Click here to see a list of the languages and the vocabulary files that you can download.

What are Ergane's hardware and software requirements?

Compared to programmes with comparable size and complexity Ergane's system requirements are very modest indeed. The programme can probably run on any computer with Windows 3.1 or higher.

Downloading Ergane

The programme, the general data files and the necessary DLL's have been compressed into a ZIP file. Download it to the desired directory and use a decompression programme to extract the original files from it.

The Ergane ZIP file does not contain vocabulary files; these have to be downloaded and decompressed separately!

ERGANE50.ZIP: Click here to download Ergane.

VOCABULARIES: Click here to jump to the list of downloadable vocabulary files.